3 D OpenTeam Sorting
3DOTS call (985)516-7507
You must ride 5 shows to qualify for finals

$25 a ride

10 ride limit

Show Results



Madden, MS


3 Man 2 Gate Sorting Winners

1D 1ST:  Mark Yates, Bobby Atwood, Lavonne Stringer

1D 2ND: Ron Dufour, Ricky Thaggard, David Rainey

2D 1ST: Payton Anderson, Steven Anderson, Trace Taylor

2D 2ND: Ronnie Ingram, Elmer Woodward, Dana Woodward

3D 1ST: Chad Morrow, Cody King, Marco Patrick

3D 2ND: Kelli Clayton, Tina Johnson, Van Clayton

Traditional Ranch Sorting Winners

1D 1ST: Troy Crain, Dewayne Johnson

1D 2ND: George Frost, Bobby Atwood

2D 1ST: Troy Crain, Chickie Knox

2D 2ND: Van Clayton, Charlie Richardson

3D 1ST: David Rainey, Bobby Atwood

3D 2ND: Callie Richardson, Aaron Hudson

Ranch Sorting Winners

1D 1ST: Bobby Atwood, Troy Crain

1D 2ND: Van Clayton, Mark Yates

1D 3RD: Trace Taylor, Clancy Cleveland

2D 1ST: Cody King, Mike King

2D 2ND: Ricky Thaggard, Robert Reynolds

2D 3RD: Lauryn Bonvillian, Danny Menge

3D 1ST: Van Clayton, James Dunn

3D 2ND: Steven Anderson, James Dunn

3D 3RD: Callie Richardson, Dawn Chiasson

Youth Ranch Sorting Winners

1D 1ST: Sam Yates, Nick Gomillion

2D 2ND: Madison Hernandez, Maddy Anderson


Rayville, LA

Ranch Sorting Winners

1D 1ST: Blake Chiasson, Larry Pettit

1D 2ND: Blake Chiasson, Jace Clayton

2D 1ST: Laurie Shannon, Blake Chiasson

2D 2ND: Mark Yates, Hannah Swords

3D 1ST: Hannah Swords, Charlie Verell

3D 2ND: Scott Hoseman, Chris Sullivan

3 Man 2 Gate Sorting Winners:

1D 1ST: Kim Jayroe, Steven Anderson, Trace Taylor

1D 2ND: Dana Woodward, Danny Roberson, Kirsten Sullivan

2D 1ST: Chris Sullivan, Blake Chiasson, Judd Albritton

2D 2ND: Steven Anderson, Trace Taylor, Scooter Madison

3D 1ST: Kim Jayroe, Candy Anderson, Trace Taylor

3D 2ND: Laurie Shannon, Hannah Swords, Kelli Clayton

Traditional Stockman Sorting Winners:

1D 1ST: Blake Chiasson, Danny Roberson

2D 1ST: Marco Patrick, Kelli Clayton


Poplarville, MS 

Youth Ranch Sorting Winners:

1D 1ST: Klaire Kraemer, Maggie Whitt

2D 1ST: Maggie Whitt, Harmony Keys

3 Man 2 Gate Sorting Winners:

1D 1ST: Trace Taylor, Kim Jayroe, Clancy Cleveland

1D 2ND: Jerry Cleveland, Clancy Cleveland, Kim Jayroe

2D 1ST: Brent Boyd, Chad Morrow, Candy Anderson

2D 2ND: Steven Anderson, Candy Anderson, Payton Anderson

3D 1ST: Marco Patrick, Kelli Clayton, Lavonne Stringer

3D 2ND: Scooter Madison, Klaire Kraemer, Brandi Cella

3 Man Open Arena Sorting Winners:

1D 1ST: Blake Chiasson, Danetta Comeaux, Brandi Cella

2D 1ST: Blake Chiasson, Ron Dufour, Jeffery Barnes

Ranch Sorting Winners:

1D 1ST: Charlie Verell, Jill Besetti

1D 2ND: Jeffery Barnes, Hannah Swords

1D 3RD: Danetta Comeaux, Hannah Swords

2D 1ST: Reece Taylor, Laina Morrow

2D 2ND: Jeffery Barnes, Laina Morrow

2D 3RD: Aubrey Cooper, Troy Crain

3D 1ST: Aubrey Cooper, Steven Anderson

3D 2ND: Walter Tedesco, Donnie Kraemer

3D 3RD: Blake Chiasson, Danny Menge

3-24-2018       Madden, MS

                                3 Man 2 Gate Winners:

                                  1D 1ST: Chad Morrow, Marco Patrick, Mark McMillan

                                  1D 2ND: Elmer Woodward, Van Clayton, Kelli Clayton

                                  1D 3RD: Charlie Richardson, Dustin Johnson, Raymond Turner

                                  2D 1ST: Lavonne Stringer, Dustin Johnson, Kelli Clayton

                                  2D 2ND: Trace Taylor, Candy Anderson, Steven Anderson

                                  2D 3RD: Danny Menge, Kim Jayroe, Beth Moore

                                  3D 1ST: Payton Anderson, Clancy Cleveland, Kim Jayroe

                                  3D 2ND: Trace Taylor, Payton Anderson, Clancy Cleveland

                                  3D 3RD: Dana Woodward, Elmer Woodward, Marco Patrick

                                  Ranch Sorting Winners:

                                 1D 1ST: Steven Anderson, Trace Taylor

                                 1D 2ND: Charlie Richardson, Marco Patrick

                                 1D 3RD: Kelli Clayton, Marco Patrick

                                 2D 1ST: Mark McMillan, Cody King

                                 2D 2ND: Kim Jayroe, Trace Taylor

                                 2D 3RD: Kim Jayroe, Ricky Thaggard

                                3D 1ST: Alivia Bobo, Brandi Cella

                                3D 2ND: Mike King, Billy Adcock

                                3D 3RD: Abby Yates, Grady Sudbeck

                                Traditional Stockman Sorting WInners:

                                1D 1ST: Dustin Johnson, Raymond Turner

                                1D 2ND: David Rainey, Jace Clayton

                                2D 1ST: Troy Crain, Lavonne Striger

                                2D 2ND: David Rainey, Charlie Richardson

                                3D 1ST: Billy Adcock, Chickie Knox

                                3D 2ND: Lavonne Stringer, Kelli Clayton

                                Youth Ranch Sorting:

                                1D 1ST: Nick Gomillion, Rivers Turner

                                2D 2ND: Grady Sudbeck, Sam Yates         


04-28-2018   Bogalusa, LA

                                3 Man Open Arena Sorting Winners:

                                     1D 1ST: Raymond Turner, Troy Crain, Blake Chiasson

                                2D 1ST: Lisa Diez, Melvin Hebert, Kelli Clayton

                                3 Man 2 Gate Sorting Winners:

                                1D 1ST: Steven Anderson, Candy Anderson, Clancy Cleveland

                                1D 2ND: Trace Taylor, Steve Anderson, Troy Crain

                                2D 1ST: Steven Anderson, Payton Anderson, Candy Anderson

                                2D 2ND: Lavonne Stringer, Troy Crain, Walter Tedesco

                                Ranch Sorting Winners:

                              1D 1ST: Trace Taylor, Troy Crain

                              1D 2ND: Marco Patrick, Jeffery Barnes

                              1D 3RD: Steven Anderson, James Riley

                              2D 1ST: Jeff Gay, Trace Taylor

                              2D 2ND: Franki Hubbard, Jace Clayton

                              2D 3RD: Raymond Turner, Aaron Hudson

                              3D 1ST: Marco Patrick, Lavonne Stringer

                              3D 2ND: Chickie Knox, Troy Crain

                              3D 3RD: Darra Lewis, Candy Crain

                              4D 1ST: Karley Cooper, Klaire Kraemer

                             4D 2ND: Laurie Shannon, Blake Chiasson

                             4D 3RD: Chris Chiasson, Lynn Shelton

                             Youth Ranch Sorting:

                            1D 1ST: Maggie Whitt, Charlee McCarty

                            2D 1ST: Klaire Kraemer, Maddy Anderson