3 D OpenTeam Sorting
3DOTS call (985)516-7507
You must ride 5 shows to qualify for finals

$25 a ride

10 ride limit


The 2019 3DOTS finals will be held OCTOBER 26 and 27 in Amite, LA at the Florida Parishes Arena.

Early entries can be emailed to Christina at sorting@3dots.us BEFORE Thursday, Oct 23 at 7pm.  After that, entires must be made at the arena.  Books will close each morning for the 1st class at 8am.

The show will start at 9am daily.

Class order:   Saturday:  3 Man Open Arena

                                        Youth Ranch Sorting

                                        Ranch Sorting

                       Sunday:    Traditional Stockman

                                        3 Man 2 Gate Class

Saturday night we will have a social gathering with food and a band at the arena.  Time will be determined when classes end, but we hope to start around 7pm and end at 10pm.  During this event, we will have a Halloween Costume Contest open to kids and adults (qualifiers, friends, and family are welcome to participate).  The High Point Year End Awards, Rookie of the Year award, and Hall of Fame awards will be presented.  

Please RSVP stalls and RV hookups with Christina at sorting@3dots.us.  Stalls are $15/night.  RV hookups are $25/night.  Shavings available at $6/bag.  


Qualified for Finals:

Clancy Cleveland

Jerry Cleveland

Candy Crain

Presley Crain

Troy Crain

Trace Taylor

Chad Campbell

Brock Adams

Steven Anderson

Kelli Clayton

Van Clayton

Kim Jayroe

Lavonne Stringer

Maddy Anderson

Kinley Campbell

Todd Sibley

Candy Anderson

Blake Chiasson

Danetta Comeaux

Danny Menge

Lynn Shelton

Cory Tabb

Walter Tedesco

Dawn Chiasson

Brianna Clack

Maggie Whitt

Jill Besetti

Marlee Besetti

Gwen Kelley

Klaire Kraemer

Darra Lewis

Laurie Shannon

Billy Adcock

Angelo Allegretti

Payton Anderson

Roberta Angiolillo

Ashley Barbour

Jeremy Barbour

Alivia Bobo

Brent Boyd

Jace Clayton

Berkleigh Davis

Pam Davis

Ron Dufour

James Dunn

Jonathon Hauptman

Cody King

Mark McMillan

Beth Moore

Chad Morrow

James Riley

Grady Subdeck

Hannah Verrell

E.B. Thompson

Charlie Verrell

Scot Wilson

Tara Wilson

Dana Woodward

Elmer Woodward

Mary Ladnier

Jeffery Barnes

Aubrey Dale Cooper

Daniel Davis

Leigh Davis

Nema Davis

Lisa Diez

Henry  Gibbs

Melvin Hebert

Alexis Tedesco

Vicki Walker

Rob Morris